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Psychology of Learning and Development

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 708
Author S.K. Mangal
Publisher PHI Learning
Isbn-10 9388028201
Isbn-13 9789388028202

Psychology of Learning and Development

S.K. Mangal's Psychology of Learning and Development

The subject-matter, dexterously divided into 35 chapters and organised in a simplified and logical manner, first explicates educational psychology, development of the growing children, process of learning, intelligence, aptitude and attitude, and then expounds on Psychology of individual differences, learning styles, learning disabilities, creativity, personality, mental health, adjustment, guidance and counselling, and ultimately, social groups and group dynamics. The book is primarily designed for the post-graduate students of education. KEY FEATURES: Presents comprehensive and practicable coverage of the topics Discusses theories related to a number of aspects and phenomena Includes some important concepts such as Havighurst's developmental tasks, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, spiritual intelligence, constructivism and constructivist learning, achievement motivation, learning disabilities, theories of creativity, and so on Offers engaging language and user-friendly mode of discussion Adequately illustrated with examples, Figures and Tables Comprises chapter-end summary for quick glance of the concepts
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