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Professional Visual Studio 2017

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 864
Author Bruce Johnson
Publisher Wrox
Isbn-10 1119404584
Isbn-13 9781119404583
Dimension 18.29*4.57*23.11

Professional Visual Studio 2017

Bruce Johnson's Professional Visual Studio 2017

Skip the basics and delve right into Visual Studio 2017 advanced features and tools

Professional Visual Studio 2017 is the industry–favorite guide to getting the most out of Microsoft′s primary Programming technology. From touring the new UI to exploiting advanced functionality, this book is designed to help Professional developers become more productive. A unique IDE–centric approach provides a clear path through the typical workflow while exploring the nooks and crannies that can make your job easier. Visual Studio 2017 includes a host of features aimed at improving developer productivity and UI, and this book Covers them all with clear explanation, new figures, and expert insight. Whether you′re new to VS or just upgrading, this all–inclusive guide is an essential resource to keep within arm′s reach.

Visual Studio 2017 fixes the crucial Issues that kept professionals from adopting VS 2015, and includes new features and Tools that streamline the developer′s job. This book provides the straightforward answers you need so you can get up to speed quickly and get back to work.

  • Master the core functionality of Visual Studio 2017
  • Dig into the Tools that make writing code easier
  • Tailor the Environment to your workflow, not the other way around
  • Work your way through configuration, debugging, building, deployment, customizing, and more

Microsoft is changing their release cadence―it′s only been about two years since the last release―so developers need to quickly get a handle on new Tools and features if they hope to remain productive. The 2017 release is designed specifically to help you get more done, in less time, with greater accuracy and attention to detail. If you′re ready to get acquainted, Professional Visual Studio 2017 is your ideal guide.

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