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Principles and Practice of Pediatrics,2e

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Number Of Pages
Author J N Sharma
Publisher Peepee Publishers
Isbn-10 8184452462
Isbn-13 9788184452464

Principles and Practice of Pediatrics,2e

J N Sharma's Principles and Practice of Pediatrics,2e

Long awaited second edition of this book finally released. This book was first published in 2014. In view of the acceptance by the undergraduate students as a textbook as well as by the postgraduate students as a revision book before the exam, the decision to bring out the second edition was taken. While compiling the book, the author has followed the recommendations by the MCI and the education cell of IAP, as well as the programmes of the central government. However, in addition, a few topics have been added with a view to give an idea about the status of these diseases in children. Inclusion of these topics may help the practitioners to screen children and refer at an early date to the appropriate facility. Students may ignore these topics, not included in their syllabus, for examination purpose. Detailed chapters on pediatric oncology, common surgical problems and rheumatic diseases have been included specially to help the graduate doctors and practising pediatricians to help in early diagnosis and referral. With the belief that illustration with the text is more helpful, descriptions in the book have been supported by relevant figures and flow charts as much as possible. The health problems in the third world countries are very much different than those in the western world. The physicians therefore, in such countries, require more training in clinical skills rather than modern diagnostic aids which are at times not easily available for the doctors especially in the rural areas. This book is primarily aimed to fulfil this need.
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