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Powder Metallurgy Diamond Tools

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 152
Author Janusz Konstanty
Publisher Elsevier Science
Isbn-10 1856174409
Isbn-13 9781856174404
Dimension 15.6*1.12*23.39

Powder Metallurgy Diamond Tools

Janusz Konstanty's Powder Metallurgy Diamond Tools

Powder Metallurgy Diamond Tools is the first book of its kind to cover the role of powder metallurgy in the production of diamond-impregnated tool components. Providing essential information on modelling, design, composition, fabrication, performance, wear and applications, this book is ideal for manufacturers, tool designers, end-users, metallurgists, R&D departments, specifiers and consultants.

Diamond-impregnated tools are used increasingly in industries where wear-resistant drills or cutting tools are required. The cobalt matrix in which the diamond is embedded is manufactured by pressing and sintering, techniques commonly used in powder metallurgy, but the process is complex and intricate. This book provides a comprehensive account of all you need to know about the role of powder metallurgy in the production of diamond-impregnated tools, giving metal powder manufacturers a better understanding of the requirements of diamond tool producers and end users, leading to the development of superior products.

This book will… 1. Clarify the science and properties involved in powder metallurgy and the production of diamond tools 2. Explain the manufacturing process 3. Help improve your machining and finishing techniques, leading to better results 4. Optimise your tool use and wear, helping you to save time and money 5. Help you to consider new applications, optimising your equipment and resources

  • Author is a leading authority on diamond tools and has published extensively on the subject
  • A comprehensive account of all you need to know about the role of powder metallurgy in the production of diamond-impregnated tool components
  • An important reference for manufacturers of powdered diamond and cobalt for the tool industry, tool designers and manufacturers, users of diamond-impregnated tools, metallurgists, designers, R&D Departments, specifiers and consultants
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