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Plotkin's Vaccines (Vaccines (Plotkin))

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 1720
Author Stanley A. Plotkin MD
Publisher Elsevier
Isbn-10 032335761X
Isbn-13 9780323357616
Dimension 22.23*6.99*27.94

Plotkin's Vaccines (Vaccines (Plotkin))

Stanley A. Plotkin MD's Plotkin's Vaccines (Vaccines (Plotkin))

From the development of each vaccine to its use in reducing disease, Plotkin’s Vaccines, 7th Edition, provides the expert information you need to provide optimal care to your patients. This award-winning text offers a complete understanding of each disease, as well as the latest knowledge of both existing vaccines and those currently in research and development. Described by Bill Gates as "an indispensable guide to the enhancement of the well-being of our world," Plotkin’s Vaccines is a must-have reference for current, authoritative information in this fast-moving field.

  • Includes complete information for each disease, including clinical characteristics, microbiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment, epidemiology, and public health and regulatory issues – plus complete information for each vaccine, including its stability, immunogenicity, efficacy, duration of immunity, adverse events, indications, contraindications, precautions, administration with other vaccines, and disease-control strategies.
  • Analyzes the cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness of different vaccine options.
  • Helps you clearly visualize concepts and objective data through an abundance of tables and figures.
  • Covers the new oral cholera and zoster vaccines, as well as newly licensed meningococcal group B vaccines and a newly licensed dengue vaccine.
  • Brings you up to date on successful human trials of Ebola vaccines, an enterovirus 71 vaccine licensed in China, and new recommendations and changes to polio vaccines.
  • Features a new chapter on maternal immunization.
  • Expert Consult™ eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
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