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PlayPlay Wood Diy Rubber Band Gun Toy For Kids

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Binding Toy
Number Of Pages
Publisher PlayPlay
Isbn-13 8903529912811

PlayPlay Wood Diy Rubber Band Gun Toy For Kids

This model set of Gun is made of Wood material which is treated to retain its shape for ever. It is free from any toxic material and that is why it is fully safer for young children. The final outcome of this model is it when it is in the shape gives the child the confidence of creating things on its own. It also makes them brave and take up life challenges at their will. Do you learn to create new structure. This is the second model of under available under DIY brought to you by PlayPlay.

PlayPlay has in the past brought leading toys brand including Formula cars, modular cars, and Sluban Building block toys to entertain Indian kids. The brand has played an important role in introducing international quality toys to Indian kids. These toys nurture the creativity, sharpen the observational skills and empower the kids to buy opening new avenues of learning in a fun filled manner.

Bees to Models it's available under A DIY Siri is not just the address is the attitude of kids interested in engineering, automatic, craftsmanship and adds domain. By exposing the kids to such crabs the parents also give them simulative and integrated experience. It opens up New World of possibilities before them.

This model set is complete with instruction manual, spare parts, necessary set of Tools required to construct the model toy.
This toy is suitable for kids of 7 years of age and above It also serves as interesting Science project activity Kids can club this model with other model sets such as Building block toys and modular cars
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