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Play-Doh Dohvinci All in One Art Studio Set

Book Specification

Binding Toy
Number Of Pages
Publisher Hasbro
Isbn-13 0630509607945
Dimension 6.71*32.99*32.99

Play-Doh Dohvinci All in One Art Studio Set

Become an artist with dohvinci art supplies. Making colorful dohvinci art is easy to start and fun to master, especially with this all-in-one set featuring an easel, caddy, tools, art boards and Drawing compound. Place a project on the easel for easy Drawing and store the Tools and tubes of compound to keep them organized. To start making dohvinci art, simply load a tube of compound into the Drawing tool and squeeze the handle to create dimensional drawings on a variety of surfaces. Practice with the included art boards or find Materials such as paper, canvas, cardboard, glass and more. Experiment with all kinds of different techniques with the customization tools. Smooth the compound with the scraper for flat backgrounds or watercolor-like effects, create stamps and lines in the compound with the sculpting Tools and twist the Drawing Tips on the end of a tube for different shapes. Let's start the art.
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