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Peace is Possible

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 144
Author Prem Rawat
Publisher penguin UK
Isbn-10 024138544X
Isbn-13 9780241385449
Dimension 15.24*0.0*20.32

Peace is Possible

Prem Rawat's Peace is Possible

Global peace ambassador Prem Rawat has spent his entire life travelling the world to deliver one timeless message: peace is possible. Conflict, he explains, takes place at three levels: Between countries, between people and finally within each of us as individuals. These levels are all interconnected. Hence the conflict that rages within a person will lead them to seek out conflict with another. Similarly, conflict between people of one nation is likely to result in conflict between many nations. So the first step to world peace is a simple one: we must first find peace within ourselves. Peace is possible draws together age-old stories which, as they have been passed down over generations, inspired and transformed the lives of millions. From the power of adaptability, to the importance of trust, to the sticking-place of courage, these are the messages that will change the world. For good.
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