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Object Oriented Programming with  Java

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 604
Author M. T. Somashekara
Publisher PHI Learning
Isbn-10 8120352874
Isbn-13 9788120352872

Object Oriented Programming with Java

M. T. Somashekara's Object Oriented Programming with Java

This self-readable and highly informative text presents the exhaustive coverage of the concepts of Object Oriented Programming with JAVA. A number of good illustrative examples are provided for each concept supported by well-crafted programs, thus making it useful for even those having no previous knowledge of programming. Starting from the preliminaries of the language and the Basic principles of OOP, this textbook moves gradually towards advanced concepts like exception handling, multithreaded programming, GUI support by the language through AWT controls, string handling, file handling and Basic utility classes. In addition, the well-planned material in the book acts as a precursor to move towards high-end Programming in Java, which includes the discussion of Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC, Swings, etc.

The book is highly suitable for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science, computer applications, computer Science and Engineering and information technology.
Key Features
Extensive coverage of syllabi of various Indian universities
Comprehensive coverage of the OOP concepts and Core Java
Explanation of the concepts using simple and expressive language
Complete explanation of the working of each program with more emphasis on the core segment of the program
Chapter-end summary, over 230 illustrative programs, around 225 review questions, about 190 true/false questions and over 130 Programming exercises
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