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Binding Paperback
Language Hindi
Number Of Pages 202
Author Nitin Yadav
Isbn-10 8194331501
Isbn-13 9788194331506
Dimension 21.59*13.97*1.91


Nitin Yadav's NH24

NH24 plot revolves around a young man who is in the midst of life and death in a hospital after suffering a terrible road accident. His lifeless eyes start to look like a movie till now. It also has those black pages of memories, which social taboo would never let open. His discussion was enough to invite an storm, all the things that were churning in his subconscious mind. NH 24 is a document that hurts those aspects of life that everyone feels, but is afraid to touch. It attacks the real social points and concerns around which there is a deep mist of acceptance and rejection. In this novel, he is exposed to some very harsh truths. It is a matter of fact that through this, the door of infinite criticisms has also been knocked. While reading this novel, it makes you stop and think again and again. Passionate readers will continue to drift along with the plot of the novel and by coming to a final stop, they will feel that such accidents are happening continuously around us all, in the society.

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