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Microservices by Examples Using .NET Core

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 240
Author Biswa Pujarini Mohapatra
Publisher BPB Publications
Isbn-10 9387284581
Isbn-13 9789387284586
Dimension 23.01*15.01*1.8

Microservices by Examples Using .NET Core

Biswa Pujarini Mohapatra's Microservices by Examples Using .NET Core

A book with lot of practical and architectural styles for Microservices using .NET Core

Book Description
This book predominately Covers Microservices Architecture with real-world example which can help professionals with ease of adoption of this technology. Following the trend of modularity in the real world, the idea behind Microservice by Examples is to allow developers to build their applications from various independent Components which can be easily changed, removed or upgraded. Also, it is relevant now because of enterprises are moving towards DevOps/ Modernisation, this book will emphasize on containers and Dockers as well.

What will you learn:
Understand the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric.
Know about Docker and container.
Learn the operation and scaling of microservices in .NET Core.

Who this book is for:
This book is for .NET Core developers who are new to microservices and want to learn, understand the microservices architecture.

An introduction to Microservices
Micro Services Architecture
Designing the microservice application layer
Hands on Micro Services development of Online Hotel Booking App
Deployment of Microservices for App- Modernization at Scale with Docker
Service Orchestration of Microservices using Azure Service Fabric
Integrating various Components
Hands on Integration with API Management
Testing Microservices
Extending application with logging
What is next?
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