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Mann Ki Baat - Radio Par Samajik Kranti

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Binding Paperback
Language Hindi
Number Of Pages 496
Author BlueKraft Digital Foundation
Publisher Lexis Nexis
Isbn-10 8131251373
Isbn-13 9788131251379
Dimension 21.49*14.0*2.01

Mann Ki Baat - Radio Par Samajik Kranti

BlueKraft Digital Foundation's Mann Ki Baat - Radio Par Samajik Kranti

‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popular and ubiquitous monthly Radio address has developed into a tour-de-force in itself. Ever since the programme began on Vijaya Dashami in 2014 (3-Oct-2014) there has been considerable curiosity about the origins of the programme, the idea behind it and the mind of the man behind the inspiring voice that reaches millions every month.

In times of visual bombardment, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ became one of the most popular programmes in the History of radio, not just in India but indeed worldwide.

But how did this happen? What is the behind-the scenes story that made this happen? This book answers these questions and some more.

This book recites the common thread of positivity and optimism that Prime Minister Modi has woven through his Mann Ki Baat and how this thread has been picked up by common Indians to convert it into a mass movement. This book also provides a great opportunity to all Indians to get to know some hitherto unknown facets of Prime Minister’s thinking, his beliefs and his thought process. Prime Minister Modi is himself quoted in many chapters of the book and the insights that emerge is perhaps the most important contribution that this book makes. There are interesting anecdotes shared by the members of the Prime Minister’s core team and People from AIR and MyGov to quench people’s curiosity about the minute but interesting details of how the idea of a Radio programme came up, how the name and frequency were decided, and how the format was chalked out, among other things.

“This book is filled with Prime Minister Modi's enthusiasm for interacting with the People of India, particularly with the youth....I cannot but feel his strong passion for dialogue with his people.”
- Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan

“The strength of democracy is rooted in its respect for the will of the people. True respect has to be founded on mutual understanding and trust and Prime Minister Modi's monthly Radio broadcast to the nation is a fine example of how such understanding and trust can be nurtured.”
- H E Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

“The disconnect between the man at the helm of affairs and the common man that existed for long has been innovatively bridged by Mann Ki Baat. With various relevant topics of the Time and burning issues, the program has not only encouraged People to take cognizance of what is being done but also of what needs to be done. A unique way to give assurance and exhort People to take proactive action! Worth emulating by every head of state!”
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Founder of The Art of Living

“Mann Ki Baat is a great example of how media can be used as a platform for bringing about positive change. Through this new initiative and others, including MyGov.in, that invites the public to participate, Prime Minister Modi has included millions of Indians in a collaborative effort that can improve the efficiency of public service information delivery and accelerate progress.”
- Bill Gates
Co-Chair and Trustee, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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