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Managing Retailing: With Updated Content and New Case Studies

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 584
Author Piyush Kumar Sinha
Publisher Oxford University Press
Isbn-10 0199488827
Isbn-13 9780199488827

Managing Retailing: With Updated Content and New Case Studies

Piyush Kumar Sinha's Managing Retailing: With Updated Content and New Case Studies

The third edition of Managing Retailing is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of postgraduate Management students specializing in marketing. Based on original research, it provides an in-depth coverage of retailing Theory and explains the key concepts through numerous illustrations, examples, exhibits, tables, Figures and cases.
The text provides a detailed understanding of the current retail scenario in India and other developing Countries in Asia as well as other continents. It goes on to explore shoppers’ behaviours and the phenomenon of shopping, retail store formats, Online retailing, store location, category Management and supply chain management. Finally, it describes retail buying, store layout and design, retail marketing, point of purchase communication, pricing strategies and policies, store loyalty and Technology in retailing.
With its comprehensive coverage, approach and real-life case studies, this book would also be useful for professionals in managing day-to-day retail operations.
New to this Edition
Extensively revised text and up-to-date data
New chapter on Online Retailing with an overview of the growing Online retail industry
Real-life cases on Bigbasket.com, Samsung Electronics in India and Hippo on Twitter
New sections such as foreign direct investment (FDI), private label brands, third party logistics/warehousing, social media Marketing and new in-store technologies and retailing through mobile
Online Resource Centre: the following Resources are available to support the faculty and students using this text:
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Hints to Concept Review Questions
PowerPoint Slides
Teaching Notes
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Table of Contents
1. The Domain of Retailing
2. Indian Retail Industry
3. Retailing in Other Countries
4. Understanding Shopping and Shoppers
5. Delivering Value through
6. Online Retailing
7. Deciding Location
8. Category Management
9. Supply Chain Management
10. Retail Buying
11. Store Layout and Design
12. Retail Marketing Strategy
13. Point of Purchase Communication
14. Establishing a Pricing Strategy
15. Building Store Loyalty
16. Technology in Retailing.

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