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Letting Things Go

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 168
Author Faraway
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Isbn-10 1722332344
Isbn-13 9781722332341
Dimension 12.7*1.07*20.32

Letting Things Go

Faraway's Letting Things Go

"This is a celebration, of living, losing, and everything in between" Faraway writes in their second full-length Poetry release. 'Letting Things Go' is a poetic journey from hurt to healed, a coming-home kind of tale that ends with both the reader and the author closing the very last page with a pocket full of self-discovery. Taking inspiration from their first book 'Sad Birds Still Sing, ' Rupi Kaur's 'Milk and Honey, ' Lang Leav's 'Love and Misadventure, ' and many more modern day poets, Faraway dives headfirst into their past and takes the reader through their journey of healing as-it-happened. Without straying too far from their known style, Faraway takes a bold step in a new direction, including much more long-form poetry, doubling the word count from their last attempt. This book of Poetry is for anyone who has ever felt defeated, hurt, given up on, or let go of. This book of Poetry is for anyone who is in dire need of starting over, anyone who simply needs a hand to hold - arms to embrace them late in the evening. This is 'Letting Things Go'.
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