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Kitty's War

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 248
Author Daman Singh
Publisher Westland
Isbn-10 9387578313
Isbn-13 9789387578319
Dimension 12.9*1.57*19.81

Kitty's War

Daman Singh's Kitty's War

‘And just like that, the war came to Pipli junction.’

It is December 1941. Japan has just bombed Pearl Harbor. After a series of victories in Hong Kong, Malaya and Singapore, the Japanese are closing in on India. And the British colony must meet the demands of the war outside its borders, even as the Independence movement gathers steam within.

That’s when Katherine Riddle comes Home to Pipli with bruised dreams and a broken heart. Fed on gossip fuelled by rumours, the little railway colony is on edge. Nobody is immune – not even her stoic father, Terrence. Nor the always placid Ayah. And especially not the tongue-tied Indian assistant stationmaster.

Set in the last years of the British Raj, this is an unusual novel about being torn between two worlds.

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