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Kinfolk 32

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 192
Author Kinfolk
Publisher Kinfolk
Isbn-10 1941815367
Isbn-13 9781941815366
Dimension 22.86*1.27*29.46

Kinfolk 32

Kinfolk's Kinfolk 32

Issue Thirty-Two


In Haruki Murakami’s breakthrough novel, Norwegian Wood, the young lovers spend days tramping the streets of 1960s-era Tokyo. The landscape unfurls boundlessly before them: ‘we kept walking…climbing hills, crossing rivers, and railway lines, just walking and walking with no destination in mind,’ Toru recalls. It’s a romantic vision of a city that, today, can feel impenetrable to the outsider.


Building on the unparalleled popularity of our Japan Issue, Kinfolk is spending summer in the Japanese capital for Issue Thirty-Two. Anchored by an extensive city guide of her best places to eat, sleep, shop and read selected by the Kinfolk team, the Tokyo Issue will contain interviews with leading cultural figures, a local fashion editorial and an original essay by Moeko Fuji.


Elsewhere, we spend a day with Danish musician Coco O, meet some fashionable cats, and—for summer—explore air-conditioning, showers and suitcases, before setting off to sail the southern Mediterranean sea in our fashion editorial.

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