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Kinfolk 30

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 192
Author Kinfolk
Publisher Kinfolk
Isbn-10 1941815340
Isbn-13 9781941815342
Dimension 22.86*1.27*29.46

Kinfolk 30

Kinfolk's Kinfolk 30

The winter issue of Kinfolk revisits one of our guiding principles: good hospitality. Featuring a special section dedicated to the art of hosting, Issue Thirty looks beyond recipe repertoires and honed housekeeping to unearth the secret ingredients of having a good time.

Drilling down into the heart of hospitality, we investigate its five pillars: acceptance, comfort, empathy, Entertainment and trust. How has the rise in peer-to-peer Services such as Airbnb changed our relationship to having strangers in our home? Does a lack of formality translate into a more comfortable environment, or do subtle rules actually make it easier for People to know how to behave? And, how do you get a guest to leave?

We receive expert Advice on Hospitality from leading hoteliers, culinary artists, salon hosts and party planners, and meet wunderkind chef Flynn McGarry—host of New Yorker-reviewed dinner Parties since the age of thirteen. Elsewhere, we speak to actress Teyonah Parris—star of the forthcoming James Baldwin adaptation If Beale Street Could Talk—explore seasonal subjects such as hunkering down, hometowns and ghost stories, plus much more.

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