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Jukendo and Tankendo Kata

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 142
Author Baptiste Tavernier
Publisher Bunkasha International
Isbn-10 4907009259
Isbn-13 9784907009250
Dimension 17.81*1.27*25.4

Jukendo and Tankendo Kata

Baptiste Tavernier's Jukendo and Tankendo Kata

The ultimate purpose of practicing kata is to gain an understanding of the essence of jukendo and tankendo. The kata combines the basic technical components of jukendo and tankendo in set forms with a fixed order. Through kata one can train one's spirit, posture and attitude; learn combinations of techniques and how to judge maai; understand the different thrusting, striking and cutting opportunities; learn to evaluate irimi-seitai possibilities; acquire precise techniques and experience the exquisiteness of zanshin.

Jukendo and tankendo kata were created in order to teach proper etiquette, posture, grip, footwork, use of internal energy, breathing, opportunities, vigilance, and offence and defence patterns. By studying kata, one will be able to improve posture, correct technical flaws, acquire proper thrusting and striking actions, accurately judge interval, and understand the concept of taking the initiative. The practitioners movement will become sharper and faster, a more dignified attitude will be nurture, a stronger spirit will manifest, and the eyes will become more piercing and alert.

This book contains detailed explanations of all of the kata of the All Japan Jukendo Federation, supplemented with comprehensive photography of all the important points.

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