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It Happens for a Reason

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 280
Author Preeti Shenoy
Publisher Westland Books Private Limited
Isbn-10 3930310287
Isbn-13 9783930310289
Dimension 12.9*1.78*19.81

It Happens for a Reason

Preeti Shenoy's It Happens for a Reason

When a strong, self- dependent and bold lady, Vipasha, known to her friends as Vee, makes a choice that changes everything, she is left to wonder if life really holds any reason at all. The story starts with Vee lying in a hospital after making the biggest decision in her short 18-year-old life.

Vee, loving and carefree, is overridden by lust at the ripe age of 18; she lands up pregnant and has to make the final call on whether to keep the child or not. She chooses to become a single mother, which leaves her modeling career and Personal life in mayhem.

After being deserted by her Family and Ankush, the man she thought she loved, she finds comfort and love in her son, Aryan.

The story fast-forwards to sixteen years later and we see a new Vee. Working between two jobs to keep bread on the table, her relationship with her son is emotionally stirring and elating to read. While Aryan hopes his mother finds her Prince Charming, Vee nurtures her secret crush on the quirky vet, Saurabh.

This small World where Vee survives is ripped into shreds when two major twists hit her life. An accident at her dig-boarding facility and the return of Ankush into her life bring chaos flowing in all ways. As Vee, Aryan and Ankush get into a roller-coaster heading straight to nowhere, the reader enjoys their bumpy ride.

About the Author

Preeti Shenoy is an artist cum author based in Bangalore, India. Consistently been nominated for the Forbes List of 100 Most Influential Celebrities in India since 2013, Shenoy’s other interests vary from Yoga and Sociology to photography. Shenoy’s first book, 34 Bubblegums and Candies was a creative non-fiction published by Srishti Publishers that went on to become a national bestseller. Apart from this, she has also written for the Reader’s Digest magazine and the Times of India media group and has been teaching English and Mathematics to the underprivileged children.

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