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IS SP 7-NBC : National Building Code of India 2016, (2 Volume Set)

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Number Of Pages 2246
Author BIS
Publisher Bureau of Indian Standards
Isbn-10 8170610990
Isbn-13 9788170610991

IS SP 7-NBC : National Building Code of India 2016, (2 Volume Set)

BIS's IS SP 7-NBC : National Building Code of India 2016, (2 Volume Set)

Since the publication of first version of the National Building Code of India in 1970, a large number of comments and useful suggestions for modifications and additions to different Parts and Sections of the Code were received as a result of use of the Code by all concerned, and revision Work of Building byelaws of some states based on the Code. Based on these and in view of revision of existing Indian Standards and formulation of new Indian Standards in the field of Building activity, the National Building Code of India, 1970 was first revised in 1983 and then in 2005. In between, some amendments were also issued to the Code.
1 9 70 में भारत के राष्ट्रीय भवन संहिता के पहले संस्करण के प्रकाशन के बाद, कोड के विभिन्न हिस्सों और अनुभागों में संशोधन और परिवर्धन के लिए बड़ी संख्या में टिप्पणियां और अतिरिक्त सुझाव प्राप्त किए गए थे, सभी संबंधित लोगों द्वारा संहिता के उपयोग के परिणामस्वरूप, और संहिता के आधार पर कुछ राज्यों के उपनिवेशों के निर्माण के संशोधन कार्य। इनके आधार पर और मौजूदा भारतीय मानकों के संशोधन और भवन गतिविधि के क्षेत्र में नए भारतीय मानकों के निर्माण के संदर्भ में, राष्ट्रीय भवन संहिता, 1 9 70 को पहली बार 1983 में संशोधित किया गया था और फिर 2005 में। बीच में, कुछ संशोधन भी थे कोड को जारी किया गया।

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Why you should read IS SP 7-NBC : National Building Code of India 2016, (2 Volume Set) by BIS

This book has been written by BIS, who has written books like IS SP 36 Part 1 : Compendium of Indian Standards of Soil Engineering : Laboratory Testing of Soils for Civil Engineering Purpose,IS SP 41 (S & T) : Handbook on Functional Requirements of Buildings (Other Than Industrial Buildings) (Part 1 - 4),IS SP 62 (S & T) : Handbook on Building Construction Practices (Excluding Electrical Work),IS SP 7-NBC : National Building Code of India 2016, (2 Volume Set). The books are written in Reference,Books,Environment category. This book is read by people who are interested in reading books in category : Environment. So, if you want to explore books similar to This book, you must read and buy this book.

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IS SP 7-NBC : National Building Code of India 2016, (2 Volume Set) Hardcover

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National Building Code of India

This book is a regulatory authority which acts as a national instrument for the construction activities across the country.

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The National Building Code of Indiaz, a comprehensive bookmay be a national instrument providing tips for regulation of the building construction activities across the country. It is a Model Code for adoption by all agencies concerned in building construction works be they construction Departments, different government construction departments, native bodies or personal construction agencies. The Book mainly contains body rules, development management rules and general building requirements; health safety requirements; stipulations concerning materials, structural style and construction (including safety); building and plumbing services; approach to sustainability; and quality and facility management.

The Code was initial printed in 1970 at the instance of designing Commission then initial revised in 1983.thenceforth 3 major amendments were issued to the 1983 version, 2 in 1987 and therefore the third in 1997. The second revision of the Code was in 2005, to that 2 amendments were issued in 2015.

Due to massive scale changes within the building construction activities, like modification in nature of occupancies with prevalence of high rises and mixed occupancies, larger dependence and complex nature of building services, development of new/innovative construction materials and technologies, larger want for preservation of setting and recognition of want for planned management of existing buildings and designed setting, there has been a paradigm shift in building construction situation. Considering these, a Project for comprehensive revision of the Code washaunted beneath the aegis of the National code Sectional Committee, CED forty six of BIS and its twenty twoknowledgeable Panels; involving around one 000 specialists. As a end result of the Project, the revised Code has been brought move into 2016 as National code of Asian nation 2016 reflective the progressive and modernapplicable international practices.

The comprehensive NBC 2016 contains twelve elements a number of that square measure additional divided into Sections totalling thirty three chapters (see Annex 1). The salient options of the revised NBC (see Annex 2) embrace,aside from different changes created, the changes specially in respect to additional enhancing our response to satisfy the challenges exhibit by natural calamities. the foremost changes incorporated during this third revision of the Code square measure as follows:

a) Provisions for association of want primarily based professionals and agencies are updated to confirm correctdischarge of responsibilities for accomplishment of building project.

b) With a read to making sure simple doing business in designed setting sector, an in depth provision for streamlining the approval method in respect of various agencies has been incorporated within the sort of ANintegrated approval method through single window approach for facultative efficient approval method, avoiding separate clearances from varied authorities.

c) Further, with a read to meeting the on top of objective, the availability on mechanization of approval method has been carefulfacultative on-line submission of plans, drawings and different details, and sanction thence, aiding in speedier approval method.

d) The mechanism of making certain certification of structural safety of buildings by the competent skilled and critique of style of buildings, are additional reinforced.

e) necessities for accessibility in buildings and designed setting for persons with disabilities and therefore the seniorare totally revised and updated.

f) Provisions blazing and life safety are totally revised to satisfy the challenges of recent advanced building sorts together with the high rises.

g) Latest structural loading and style and construction codes together with those concerning wind load, earthquake resistant style of buildings, steel style and foundations are incorporated with a read to making sure structural safety of buildings together with against a disaster.

h) Provisions concerning all building and plumbing services are updated keeping conjointly seeable the most recentinternational practices as associated with the country.

j) Provisions are updated to confirm utilization of range of new/alternative building materials and technologies to supplyfor innovation within the field of building construction.

k) Construction management tips are incorporated to help in timely completion of building comes with desired quality in a very safe manner at intervals the budgeted price.

m) A guide has been provided for creating buildings and designed setting energy economical and environmentally compatible, through the freshly introduced and updated chapter on propertyparticularly half eleven 'Approach to Sustainability'

n) New chapters are another on structural use of glass; escalators and moving walks; info and communication enabled installations; solid waste management; and quality and facility management.










Section 1       Loads, Forces and Effects

Section 2       Soils and Foundations

Section 3       Timber and Bamboo

3A       Timber

3B       Bamboo

Section 4       Masonry

Section 5       Concrete

5A       Plain and Reinforced Concrete

5B       Prestressed Concrete

Section 6       Steel

Section 7       Prefabrication and Systems Building and Mixed/Composite Construction

7A       Prefabricated Concrete

7B       Systems Building and Mixed/Composite Construction

Section 8       Glass and Glazing





Section 1       Lighting and Natural Ventilation

Section 2       Electrical and Allied Installations

Section 3       Air Conditioning, Heating and Mechanical Ventilation

Section 4       Acoustics, Sound Insulation and Noise Control

Section 5       Installation of Lifts and Escalators and Moving Walks

5A       Lifts

5B       Escalators and Moving Walks

Section 6       Information and Communication Enabled Installations



Section 1       Water Supply

Section 2       Drainage and Sanitation

Section 3       Solid Waste Management

Section 4       Gas Supply



Section 1       Landscape Planning, Design and Development

Section 2       Signs and Outdoor Display Structures




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