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IP Telephony Demystified (McGraw-Hill Telecom)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 254
Author Ken Camp
Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional
Isbn-10 0071406700
Isbn-13 9780071406703
Dimension 18.54*1.88*22.86

IP Telephony Demystified (McGraw-Hill Telecom)

Ken Camp's IP Telephony Demystified (McGraw-Hill Telecom)

IP (Internet Protocol) telephony is simply voice sent over the Internet, rather than the traditional phone system. IP telephony has the potential to lower long distance rates by a factor of ten, and can combine voice and data Services IT People are being asked to implement or investigate IP telephony solutions. Small Companies are looking to economize by adopting it. Everyone is wondering what IP telephony can do for them. This book will demystify IP telephony for both Business People and Technology generalists. These People need to understand why to either embrace or shun IP telephony for their individual needs, this book will give them the information to do just that.

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