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Indian Army MER Soldier Clerks (SKT)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 365
Author Major RD. Ahluwalia
Publisher Arihant Publications
Isbn-10 9313197812
Isbn-13 9789313197812

Indian Army MER Soldier Clerks (SKT)

Major RD. Ahluwalia's Indian Army MER Soldier Clerks (SKT)

Working in Indian Army is a matter of dignity and respect which comes with attractive carrier choice for young people. Some are driven by their passion for serving the country while other duties are attracted towards their other advantages. There are multiple Trades in the army that one can apply for, soldier Clerk and SKT (store Keeper Technical) is the famous of all Trades. The Indian Army is an excellent source skilled manpower. Every year lakhs of young aspirants enrol to its different wings to its different examinations so, Indian Army soldiers Clerk/ SKT recruitment examination is one of them. This is a written examination which is held four times a year. The revised edition of ‘Indian Army Soldier Clerk/ SKT recruitment Exam’ book is completely designed as per latest syllabus and Examination pattern. The book divided into 6 sections and 3 Practice Sets. Each br>Chapter of this book is provided with ample amount of Solved and unsolved questions that gives the exact feel as well as the difficulty level of the paper, solutions are well explained in an easy and lucid language so that candidates could understand easily, quickly and to make familiar with recent pattern of question paper and understand the answer writing skills. Current Affairs are especially emphasized at the end the book so that student could memorized easily. This book is prepared according to the level of the examination so that candidates can assure for success after preparing from it. Br>
table of content General Knowledge, General Science, Mathematics, computer Knowledge, English language, practice sets (1-3), current Affairs.

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