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Head First Design Patterns Poster

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Binding Poster
Language English
Number Of Pages 8
Author Elisabeth Freeman
Publisher O′Reilly
Isbn-10 0596102143
Isbn-13 9780596102142
Dimension 15.39*1.19*22.71

Head First Design Patterns Poster

Elisabeth Freeman's Head First Design Patterns Poster

You know you don't want to reinvent the wheel (or worse, a flat tire), so you look to Design Patterns--the lessons learned by those who've faced the same problems. With Design Patterns, you get to take advantage of the best practices and experience of others, so that you can spend your Time on...something else. Something more challenging. Something more complex. Something more fun.

Head First Design Patterns Poster is a companion to Head First Design Patterns. It summarizes visually, 16 of the most common Design patterns including Adapter, Command, Composite Decorator, Observer, Proxy, State, Singleton, Strategy, and more. Each pattern includes a handy page Reference to both Head First Design Patterns and the "Gang of Four" text, the canonical description of the pattern, and a visual guide designed (and inspired by the examples in Head First Design Patterns) to jog your Memory of the objects, classes, and their relationships.

In addition, the poster includes the "best of" the Head First "Guide to Better Living with Patterns," including how to read a patterns catalog, the power of a shared Vocabulary and annihilating evil with anti-patterns.

Visually appealing and truly useful, Head First Design Patterns Poster contains what you need to know at a glance. Head First Design Patterns and this companion poster are a great combination that will load patterns into your brain in a way that sticks.

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