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Handbook of Pediatric Neurosurgery

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 556
Publisher Thieme Medical Publishers Inc
Isbn-10 1604068795
Isbn-13 9781604068795
Dimension 17.15*2.54*24.77

Handbook of Pediatric Neurosurgery

An essential backpack-size resource on the treatment of pediatric neurological conditions Pediatric Neurosurgery has witnessed considerable technological advances, resulting in more efficacious outcomes for young patients with hydrocephalus, epilepsy, brain tumors, spinal deformities, and a host of other conditions. The art of pediatric Neurosurgery is a delicate balancing act-taking into account child and parents and emotional and disease challenges. As such, the Management of serious neurological conditions in pediatric patients must encompass the big picture in addition to treating underlying pathologies. Handbook of Pediatric Neurosurgery by George Jallo, Karl Kothbauer, and Violette Recinos Covers the full depth and breadth of this uniquely rewarding subspecialty including congenital, developmental, and acquired disorders. The latest information is provided on anatomy, radiological imaging, and principles guiding the surgical and nonsurgical Management of a full spectrum of neurological pathologies impacting infants and children. The book is divided into 11 sections and 56 chapters with state-of-the-art procedures, best practices, and Clinical pearls from top pediatric neurosurgeons. Key Features Cranial disorders including Chiari malformations, encephaloceles, Dandy-Walker malformation, and craniosynostosis Benign and malignant tumors-from the hypothalamus and optic pathways to the brainstem and spinal column Spinal abnormalities such as spina bifida, tethered cord, and scoliosis Clinical questions and answers at the end of chapters-ideal for self-testing and exam prep Comprehensive and compact, this is the perfect backpack Reference for Neurosurgery residents and pediatric Neurosurgery fellows to carry on rounds. It is also a must-have resource for seasoned pediatric neurosurgeons and all practitioners entrusted with the neurological care of pediatric patients.
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