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Handbook Of Pathology For Postgraduate Students

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Binding Paperback
Number Of Pages 472
Author Sandhya Sundaram
Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
Isbn-10 9388725700
Isbn-13 9789388725705

Handbook Of Pathology For Postgraduate Students

Sandhya Sundaram's Handbook Of Pathology For Postgraduate Students

Handbook of Pathology for Postgraduate Students is a concise compilation of important and essential subject matter for postgraduate students in pathology. It is a collection of topics from the very successful SPARRC programme (Sri Ramachandra Pathology Annual Rapid Review Course) which is being conducted for the seventh consecutive year. It includes key points in histopathology of major lesions from each system and other fundamental topics such as autopsy, special stains and immunohistochemistry. An approach to lesions has also been included for easy understanding. Various topics in hematology, cytology and transfusion Medicine have also been discussed. Some practical aspects of quality control and automation have been presented. A list of must know learning points has been summarized under the heading 'Pearls in Pathology'. Discussion of current topics of Interest pertaining to molecular diagnosis, flow cytometry, and FISH is an important feature of this book. As a ready reckoner, a new chapter "Criteria Revisited" has been included in this edition. Useful and practical Tips for approach to MD examination have also been given. The content of this handbook will be a valuable quick Reference for all the postgraduate students in Pathology and a friendly guide to the young faculty who wish to refurbish their knowledge in pathology.
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