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Guftagu Khyaalo Se

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language Hindi
Number Of Pages 162
Author Sudiv Dr Sushma Gajapure
Publisher Notion Press
Isbn-10 1643246089
Isbn-13 9781643246086
Dimension 21.59*1.12*21.59

Guftagu Khyaalo Se

Sudiv Dr Sushma Gajapure's Guftagu Khyaalo Se

Often we do communicate with others but when do we communicate with self? Probably very rarely. In today's materialistic world, we are too busy to even have a good look at ourselves. The poetic presentation of "Guftagu Khyaalo Se" by Dr Sushma Gajapure 'Sudiv' is a fabulous compilation of poems which truly depict the talks with the self. It is a very honest presentation of how do we communicate with ourselves and explore an inner World which needs our attention and care. The self-talk "Guftagu Khyaalo Se" is not just beautiful but also carries the rainbow colors of life. In essence it is about our daily life and how do we conduct ourselves. It has joy, pains, secrets, fears, seriousness and a strange adolescence. The mesmerizing presentation of "Guftagu Khyaalo Se" is not just the poetic story of writer about self; it's about you, me and every one. It is beautiful depiction of most neglected part of our persona that's our own thought process, our own inner world. Go out and explore this inner world; you will

find this journey fabulous and enchanting.

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