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Group Theory for Physicists: With Applications

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 350
Author Pichai Ramadevi
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Isbn-10 1108454275
Isbn-13 9781108454278
Dimension 20.29*25.4*4.7

Group Theory for Physicists: With Applications

Pichai Ramadevi's Group Theory for Physicists: With Applications

Group theory helps readers in understanding the energy spectrum and the degeneracy of systems possessing discrete symmetry and continuous symmetry. The fundamental concepts of group theory and its applications are presented with the help of solved problems and exercises. The text covers two essential aspects of group theory, namely discrete groups and Lie groups. Important concepts including permutation groups, point groups and irreducible representation related to discrete groups are discussed with the aid of solved problems. Topics such as the matrix exponential, the circle group, tensor products, angular momentum algebra and the Lorentz group are explained to help readers in understanding the quark model and theory composites. Real-life applications including molecular vibration, level splitting perturbation, crystal field splitting and the orthogonal group are also covered. Application-oriented solved problems and exercises are interspersed throughout the text to reinforce understanding of the key concepts.

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