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Ground Improvement Techniques

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 424
Author Joyanta Maity
Publisher PHI Learning Private Limited
Isbn-10 9788120353206
Isbn-13 9788120353206
Dimension 23.09*17.09*2.01

Ground Improvement Techniques

Joyanta Maity's Ground Improvement Techniques

Due to the unavailability of good construction sites owing to the growth of cities and industries, the site engineers are nowadays compelled to adopt methods of forcing the weak soil to behave according to the project requirement.
Written in the same context, the book focuses on the fundamental principles and practical methods of ground improvement. The design and constructional procedure of different ground improvement methods are comprehensively covered in the text. The subject-matter, divided into fourteen chapters, is organised into a simplified and logical manner to describe first the working methods and then the possible future developments. The book enables its readers to become aware of the overall methodology to be adopted in a particular case and seek possible solution to the chosen field.
It is primarily intended to cater the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Key features:

• Numerous figures, tables and mathematical equations are provided to support the topics discussed.
• Several worked-out examples are provided in most of the chapters.
• Objective questions, descriptive questions and references are given at the end of each chapter.
• Numerical questions are given for practice in the relevant chapters.
• An appendix introduces miscellaneous topics related to soil.
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