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Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 612
Author Rajib Mall
Publisher PHI Learning
Isbn-10 9789388028028
Isbn-13 9789388028028
Dimension 20.19*16.79*2.31

Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Rajib Mall's Fundamentals of Software Engineering

This new edition of the book, is restructured to trace the advancements made and landmarks achieved in Software engineering. The text not only incorporates latest and enhanced Software Engineering techniques and practices, but also shows how these techniques are applied into the practical Software assignments. The chapters are incorporated with illustrative examples to add an analytical insight on the subject. The book is logically organised to cover expanded and revised treatment of all Software process activities.


• Large number of worked-out examples and practice problems

• Chapter-end exercises and solutions to selected problems to check students’ comprehension on the subject

• Solutions manual available for instructors who are confirmed adopters of the text

• PowerPoint slides available Online at www.phindia.com/rajibmall to provide integrated learning to the students


• Several rewritten sections in almost every chapter to increase readability

• New topics on latest developments, such as agile development using SCRUM, MC/DC testing, quality models, etc.

• A large number of additional multiple choice questions and review questions in all the chapters help students to understand the important concepts


• BE/B.Tech (CS and IT)


• M.Sc. (CS)


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