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Fundamentals of LTE

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 456
Author Arunabha Ghosh
Publisher Pearson Education
Isbn-10 935306239X
Isbn-13 9789353062392

Fundamentals of LTE

Arunabha Ghosh's Fundamentals of LTE

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is the next step in the GSM evolutionary path beyond 3G Technology and it is strongly positioned to be the dominant global standard for 4G cellular networks. LTE also represents the first generation of cellular networks to be based on a flat IP Architecture and is designed to seamlessly support a variety of different services, such as broadband data, voice and multicast video. Its Design incorporates many of the key innovations of Digital communication, such as MIMO (multiple input multiple output) and OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access), that mandate new skills to plan, build and deploy an LTE network.
In Fundamentals of LTE, four leading experts from academia and industry explain the technical foundations of LTE in a tutorial style providing a comprehensive overview of the standards. Following the same approach that made their recent Fundamentals of WiMAX successful, the authors offer a complete framework for understanding and evaluating LTE.
Features Cellular wireless History and evolution: Technical advances, market drivers and foundational Networking and Communications technologies
Multicarrier modulation Theory and practice: OFDM system design, peak-to-average power ratios and SC-FDE solutions
Frequency Domain Multiple Access: OFDMA downlinks, SC-FDMA uplinks, resource allocation and LTE-specific implementation
Multiple antenna techniques and trade-offs: spatial diversity, interference cancellation, spatial multiplexing and multiuser/networked MIMO
LTE standard overview: air interface protocol, channel structure and physical layers
Downlink and uplink transport channel processing: channel encoding, modulation mapping, Hybrid ARQ, multi-antenna processing and more
Physical/MAC layer procedures and scheduling: channel-aware scheduling, closed/open-loop multi-antenna processing and more
Packet flow, Radio resource and mobility management: RLC, PDCP, RRM and LTE Radio access network mobility/handoff procedures
Table of Contents Chapter 1: Evolution of Cellular Technologies
Part I: LTE Tutorials
Chapter 2: Wireless Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Multicarrier Modulation
Chapter 4: Frequency Domain Multiple Access: OFDMA and SC-FDMA
Chapter 5: Multiple Antenna Transmission and Reception
Part II: the LTE Standard
Chapter 6: Overview and Channel Structure of LTE
Chapter 7: Downlink Transport Channel Processing
Chapter 8: Uplink Transport Channel Processing
Chapter 9: Physical Layer Procedures and Scheduling
Chapter 10: Data Flow, Radio Resource Management and Mobility Management.
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