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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 112
Author Rekha Malhan
Publisher White Falcon Publishing
Isbn-10 9387193578
Isbn-13 9789387193574
Dimension 12.7*0.71*20.32


Rekha Malhan's Fighter

A slight change in the voice and a routine visit to an ENT doctor bring Ravi's life, who is an aspiring motivational speaker, to a grinding halt, when he was diagnosed with larynx cancer. Even though he was assured after the rounds of tests, hospital visits and second opinions that he will heal, he knew that the countdown had begun. Radiation,Chemotherapy,homeopathy and ayurveda gave him somewhat a normal healthy life for almost another 4 years in which he became a marathon runner and also started travelling across the World extensively . His never-dying , living in the moment and positive attitude is quite prominent in this book, which he penned down during his lonely and brave fight with this deadly disease which relapsed, this Time with a vengeance. Total laryngitonmy,in which his voice box was removed, another round of strong treatments and their side effects kept him hospitalised for almost a year. During his last days, he started communicating through writing notes since he could not speak. He was a man with an exceptional sense of humour, a good example of which can be seen in the notes that he exchanged with his Family members and friends who visited him in the hospital. An excerpt of those notes have been included in the book too. Destiny sometimes embraces an individual in the cruelest of ways. Ravi was a person who loved to talk, seldom did he know that he would be deprived of his favourite hobby during his last days. It was then that he started jotting down his thoughts in his journal and on social Networking sites, which has been compiled into this book by his wife after his death. This book intends to motivate all those People who are battling this deadly disease. Rekha Malhan is the wife of Ravi Malhan: on whom, the book 'Fighter' is based on She is an army officer's daughter. She achieved her academic degrees in Shimla and Calcutta.
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