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Exam-Oriented Anatomy for Dental Students

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 510
Author Shoukat N. Kazi
Publisher CBS
Isbn-10 9788123917818
Isbn-13 9788123917818
Dimension 0.0*0.0*0.0

Exam-Oriented Anatomy for Dental Students

Shoukat N. Kazi's Exam-Oriented Anatomy for Dental Students

The salient features of the book are: The book is written using short and simple sentences. Three types of questions are discussed: LAQs (Long Answer Questions) SN (Short Notes)and SAQs (Short Answer Questions). The information given in italics is the information required to answer the MCQs. The answers are written in the form of points by using indentation. Tables are used to save the time and display the information for immediate references for the students and examiners. The relevant simple linear informative diagrams are drawn with the respective colours. Histology diagrams are drawn by pink and violet colours. Important key words which help to memorize the subject without taxation to the memory. At the end of the book separate indexes have been given under the headings: Supex & Thorax and Head-Face-Neck & Neuro.
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