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Essentials Of Endodontics

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Binding Unknown Binding
Number Of Pages 680
Author Vimal K Sikri
Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
Isbn-10 9387964698
Isbn-13 9789387964693

Essentials Of Endodontics

Vimal K Sikri's Essentials Of Endodontics

Knowledge of endodontics needs periodic upgradation. Tremendous changes have occurred since the first edition was published; both in our understanding of the basic biology of the disease process as well as the newer techniques and gadgets used in endodontic therapy. The advances in microbial dynamics and understanding of nuances of pulp spaces has made endodontic prognosis more predictable. The focus of second edition is primarily to update the text incorporating all the advances in materials, instruments, and techniques, which have revolutionized endodontics in the past couple of years. This edition is thoroughly updated: A few new chapters have been added, viz. "Drugs Used in Endodontics", "Endodontic Case Selection", "Ethics in Endodontics", etc. and some chapters are bifurcated, expanding text and figures, in view of the developments in the respective topics. The main topics are summarized in boxes and tables for ready reference of the readers. Many line diagrams and clinical photographs are added in every chapter for easy understanding of the text. The language of the text, as usual, is kept lucid and simple. The book will be an asset for the undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as teachers and practitioners interested in the subject of endodontics. WHY SHOP WITH US FAST DELIVERY AVAILABLE 3-5 working days shipping FREE RETURNS & EXCHANGE on all orders 99% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION The independent review service 100% SECURE SHOPPING
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