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Environmental Impact Assessment

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 232
Author N. S. Raman
Publisher I K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd
Isbn-10 9382332936
Isbn-13 9789382332930

Environmental Impact Assessment

N. S. Raman's Environmental Impact Assessment

The present book provides an exposure of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) principles and procedures. Its focus is on the methodology of the EIA so that it becomes a viable application oriented exercise. Major dimensions of environmental pollution like air quality, noise, water quality, soil and geology, Aesthetics and socio-economic concerns are covered in this book. Measurement of environmental indicators and economists approaches of EIA are also described. The methodology highlighted in the book can also be applied to several other environmental issues. The book is useful to advanced graduate students of Engineering and sciences and post-graduate students of economics, Management and of other disciplines who are part of project planning, implementation, operation and other related decision-making. Contents: 1. General aspects of EIA 2. EIA in india 3. Base information approach 4. Identification, prediction and assessment of impact 5. Decision-making and uncertainties 6. Monitoring 7. Case studies 8. Simulation Annexure i: Form 1 (application for obtaining EIA clearance Annexure ii: A compilation of legal instrument Annexure iii: General Standards for discharge of environmental pollutants Annexure iv: Pre-feasibility report: points for possible coverage Annexure v: Types of monitoring and network Design considerations Annexure vi: Guidance of assessment of baseline Components and attributes Glossary Index. Audience: Civil and Environmental Engineering & Project Planning Students.

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