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Engineering  Drawing with AutoCAD - 2016

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 400
Author K.L. Narayana
Publisher New Age International
Isbn-10 9386418363
Isbn-13 9789386418364

Engineering Drawing with AutoCAD - 2016

K.L. Narayana's Engineering Drawing with AutoCAD - 2016

Engineering Drawing is an important subject included in the Engineering curriculum, which is normally practised manually most of the time.
However, nowadays, most of the institutions are switching over to use Software for learning and practising the subject. But a suitable book is not found in the market to avail this facility. To overcome this difficulty, this book is designed to learn and to practise in the computer laboratory. More than 300 problems are solved giving procedures and 400 more examples and solutions are provided to the students. The faculty can check and guide the student to achieve the required skill. Hope both students and staff will receive the book with more enthusiasm.
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