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Diagnostic Medical Parasitology

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 940
Publisher American Society for Microbiology
Isbn-10 1555811167
Isbn-13 9781555811167
Dimension 4.45*19.05*26.67

Diagnostic Medical Parasitology

This major reference work, now in its third edition, updates and advances the field of diagnostic medical parasitology and reports on the dramatic changes that have occurred in this area. Newly recognized parasites, alternative techniques defined by new regulatory requirements, implementation of testing based on molecular techniques, and new information on parasitic infections are just a few of the changes covered in this edition.

As in previous editions, this book′s approach is still to provide the user with clear, concise, well–organized procedures for use in the clinical laboratory. The text also provides a comprehensive discussion of two aspects of diagnostic medical parasitology – the individual parasites and the diagnostic methods designed to detect and identify the organisms present. These discussions cover information related to life cycle, morphology, clinical disease, diagnosis, treatment, epidemilogy and prevention.

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