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Cyber Forensics

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 504
Author Dejey
Publisher Oxford University Press
Isbn-10 0199489440
Isbn-13 9780199489442

Cyber Forensics

Dejey's Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics is a textbook designed for the undergraduate Engineering students of Computer Science and Information Technology programmes for the related course. The book will be equally useful as a primer for students from diverse backgrounds to help understand how cyber media is misused for committing crimes. It will also be useful for cyber forensic professionals, cybercrime investigators and computer professionals for implementing Security measures to protect their Digital assets.
Beginning with a chapter on computer networks and security, the book moves on to discussing cybercrime, its classification and its Contemporary and Future trends in the subsequent chapters. The core concepts of forensic principles, processes and Tools used and cases are discussed at length in the succeeding chapters, before ending with dedicated chapters on cyber laws, both in the Indian and international contexts, along with interesting case studies.

Key Features
Provides a perfect balance of discussion on cybercrime, forensics and cyber laws (both Indian and International)
Discusses principles, processes and case studies for a better grasp of concepts
Introduces a fundamental chapter on computer networks and security
Provides a model case example report as an appendix for a better understanding of how forensic examination findings are reported and documented
Online Resources
For faculty
Lecture PPTs
Instructor’s manual (hints/answers to chapter-end application exercises)
For students
Colour illustrations from the book
Video Resources on email tracing, tracking and recovery of deleted files
Table of Contents
1. Networks and Network Security
2. Introduction to Cybercrime
3. Classification of Cybercrime
4. Cybercrime the Present and the Future
5. Introduction to Cyber Forensics
6. Digital Evidence
7. Cyber Forensics the Present and the Future
8. Acquisition and Handling of Digital Evidence
9. Analysis of Digital Evidence
10. Admissibility of Digital Evidence
11. Cybercrime Case Studies
12. Introduction to Cyber Laws
13. Cyber Laws in India and Case Studies
14. International Cyber Laws and Case Studies.
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