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Contemporary Laser Dentistry

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 124
Author Anuj Singh Parihar
Publisher Notion Press, Inc.
Isbn-10 1643247042
Isbn-13 9781643247045
Dimension 15.24*0.79*22.86

Contemporary Laser Dentistry

Anuj Singh Parihar's Contemporary Laser Dentistry

Contemporary Laser Dentistry is a complete and through presentation of lasers in the field of dentistry. It will cater to the needs of all individuals, from students to educators, clinicians to researchers and from specialists to generalists who want to understand and adapt lasers in their daily Dental practice.

This textbook is a comprehensive guide about each and every aspect of lasers across the ever emerging field of dentistry. It describes different types of lasers, their principles of working of lasers, current and potential applications of lasers in dentistry, recent advances in lasers, hazards of lasers, laser Safety and precautions, advantages and disadvantages of lasers. It will help you learn the fundamentals, make the proper use of lasers with the best knowledge about lasers which will help you in achieving the best Clinical results from each procedure, and fulfill your patient's expectations.

Salient Features

Emphasizes on understanding the fundamental phenomena in terms of principles of laser application, thereby correlating Basic Sciences with different Dental procedures.

Illustrated diagrams: depicting fundamental Components of a laser, details of several conditions and treatments.

New coverage: including recent advances in types of lasers and their applications in dentistry.

Important updates: including indications and contraindications of lasers, hazards of lasers, laser Safety considerations and precautions.

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