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Concrete Technology

Book Specification

Binding Paperback , Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 712
Author A.R. Santhakumar
Publisher Oxford University Press
Isbn-10 0199458529
Isbn-13 9780199458523

Concrete Technology

A.R. Santhakumar's Concrete Technology

This second edition of Concrete Technology provides a comprehensive coverage of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and includes the latest developments in the field of concrete construction. It incorporates the latest Indian Standard specifications and codes regulating concrete construction.
New to the Second Edition
• A new chapter on rheological Models of concrete (chapter 6) focuses on the flow characteristics of fresh concrete
• Exclusive chapters on properties of fresh and hardened concrete (chapters 4 and 7)
• A new chapter provides improved treatment of the different stages of manufacture of concrete (chapter 5)
• Updated and revised content with new sections on reactive powder concrete, pervious concrete, geopolymer concrete, and manufactured (M) sand
• Improved pedagogy with numerous additional illustrations and multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter

Key Features
• Presents a blend of theoretical and practical aspects
• Incorporates the provisions of the code, IS: 456-2000, in concrete
• Reinforces theoretical concepts by providing solved examples and chapter-end exercises

Table of Contents
1. Concrete: Past, Present, and Future
2. Constituent Materials
3. Chemical and Mineral Admixtures
4. Properties of Fresh Concrete
5. Stages of Manufacture of Concrete
6. Rheological Models of Fresh Concrete
7. Properties of Hardened Concrete
8. Dimensional Stability of Concrete
9. Proportioning Concrete Mix
10. Concrete Reinforcement
11. Corrosion
12. Durability
13. Lightweight Concrete
14. High-strength Concrete
15. High-performance Concrete
16. Polymers in Concrete
17. Steel-fibre-reinforced Concrete
18. Ready Mixed Concrete
19. Mass Concrete
20. Formwork
21. Structural Concrete Block Masonry
22. Quality Control of Concrete Construction
23. Repair Materials
24. Repair and Rehabilitation
25. Concrete Structures in Special Environments
26. Concreting under Special Circumstances
27. Tests on Concrete
28. Special Materials in Construction
29. Concreting Machinery and Equipment
30. Performance and Maintenance of Concrete Structures
31. Future Trends in Concrete Technology

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