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CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests: Exam SY0–501

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 456
Author S. Russell Christy
Publisher Sybex
Isbn-10 1119416922
Isbn-13 9781119416920
Dimension 18.8*2.79*23.37

CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests: Exam SY0–501

S. Russell Christy's CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests: Exam SY0–501

1,000 Challenging practice questions for Exam SY0–501

CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests provides invaluable practice for candidates preparing for Exam SY0–501. Covering 100% of exam objectives, this book provides 1,000 practice questions to help you test your knowledge and maximize your performance well in advance of exam day. Whether used alone or as a companion to the CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, these questions help reinforce what you know while revealing weak areas while there s still Time to review. Six unique practice tests plus one bonus practice exam cover threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities; technologies and tools; Architecture and design; identity and access management; risk management; and cryptography and PKI to give you a comprehensive preparation resource.  Receive one year of FREE access to the Sybex Online interactive learning environment, to help you prepare with superior study Tools that allow you to gauge your readiness and avoid surprises on exam day.

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is internationally–recognized as validation of Security knowledge and skills. The exam tests your ability to install and configure secure applications, networks, and devices; analyze, respond to, and mitigate threats; and operate within applicable policies, laws, and regulations. This book provides the practice you need to pass with flying colors.

  • Master all six CompTIA Security+ objective domains
  • Test your knowledge with 1,000 challenging practice questions
  • Identify areas in need of further review
  • Practice test–taking strategies to go into the exam with confidence
The job market for information Security professionals is thriving, and will only expand as threats become more sophisticated and more numerous. Employers need proof of a candidate s qualifications, and the CompTIA Security+ Certification shows that you ve mastered Security fundamentals in both concept and practice. If you re ready to take on the challenge of defending the World s data, CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests is an essential resource for thorough exam preparation.
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