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CLAT Guide 2019

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 1428
Author Gautam Puri
Publisher G.K. Publisher
Isbn-10 9388030206
Isbn-13 9789388030205

CLAT Guide 2019

Gautam Puri's CLAT Guide 2019

This book will serve as a complete preparation material for students who are aiming to clear the CLAT and AILET exams. Each chapter of this book begins with a brief note of the concepts with their key points for a quick reference, followed by a comprehensive set of objective questions for quick analysis. It also includes previous years’ completely Solved papers of CLAT and AILET to familiarize students with the exam trend.
Synopsis of Basic concepts in each chapter
Rich collection of objective questions for practice
Chapter-wise Solved papers of CLAT and AILET 2015-17
Completely solved Paper of CLAT and AILET 2018
Module I
Reading Comprehension
1. Introduction to Reading 2. Types of Questions
3. Approaches to Reading Comprehension 4. Passages for Practice
Fundamentals of Logical Reasoning-I
1. Number Series 2. Alphabet Series 3. Coding-Decoding
4. Blood Relations 5. Directions 6. Deductive Logic
7. Logical Consistency 8. Statement Assumption 9. Statement Conclusion
1. The Word List 2. Common Confusables 3. Legal Vocabulary
4. Migratory Words 5. Idioms 6. Phrasal Verbs
7. Collective Nouns 8. Rules of Spelling 9. Animals and their sounds
10. Analogies 11. Sentence Completion 12. Cloze Test
Practice Test : Worksheets
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Mathematics and Law Entrance Exam
1. Numbers 2. Linear Equations and Averages 3. Percentage
4. Profit, Loss and Discount 5. SI and CI 6. Ratio, Proportion and Variation
7. Time, Speed, Distance and Work 8. Venn Diagrams 9. Mensuration
10. Permutation and Combination and Probability 11. Sequences and Series
General Knowledge
Part I: General Knowledge
– Indian History – Geography – Constitution of India
– Science – Sports – Culture of India
– Miscellaneous General Knowledge
Part - II : Basics of Economics and Indian Economy since Independence
Part - III : General Knowledge Tests
Legal Knowledge
Module II
Fundamentals of Grammar
1. Sentence Correction 2. Parts of Speech 3. Tenses
4. Parallelism 5. Transformation of Sentences 6. Punctuation
Practice Test : Worksheets
Legal Reasoning
1. Introduction to Legal Reasoning 2. Law of Contracts 3. Constitutional Law
4. The Law of Torts 5. Law of Crimes 6. Industrial Dispute Act 1947
7. Law Relating to Transfer of Immoveable Property 8. International Law
Mathematics Workbook
1. Numbers 2. Linear Equations 3. Average / Mean
4. Percentage 5. Profit, Loss and Discount 6. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
7. Ratio, Proportion and Variation 8. Time and Work 9. Speed, Time and Distance
10. Venn Diagram 11. Mensuration 12. Permutations and Combinations
13. Probability 14. Sequences and Series
Fundamentals of Logical Reasoning - II
1. Analytical Reasoning 2. Calendars 3. Clocks
4. Assumptions and Conclusions 5. Strong and Weak Arguments 6. Assertion and Reason
7. Logical Extension 8. Critical Reasoning 9. Facts, Inference, Judgement
Practice Exercise : 1-10
Revision Test : 1-3
Legal Reasoning Supplement
Legal Knowledge Supplement
Module III
Analytical Reasoning
English Usage and Logical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Legal Aptitude
General Knowledge
– Geography – Economics – Science – Miscellaneous
Legal Knowledge
Module IV
English Usage
Practice Tests 1-2
Analytical Reasoning
Practice Tests 3-4
Verbal Logic
Practice Tests 5-6
Mathematical Ability
Practice Tests 7-8
Legal Aptitude
Practice Tests 9-10
Legal Reasoning
Practice Test 11
Module V
CHAPTER-WISE Solved papers
CLAT 2015
AILET 2015
CLAT 2016
AILET 2016
CLAT 2017
AILET 2017
Solved papers
CLAT 2018
AILET 2018.

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This book has been written by Gautam Puri, who has written books like SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) 2019 : Solved Papers 2004-2018,MBA 2019-20 : Study Guide (XAT|IIFT|NMAT|SNAP|CMAT),IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) 2019 - Topic-Wise & Year-Wise Solved Papers 2006-2018,XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) 2019 - Solved Papers 2008-2019,Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension CAT 2019. The books are written in Management Entrance,CAT category. This book is read by people who are interested in reading books in category : Law Entrance Exams. So, if you want to explore books similar to This book, you must read and buy this book.

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