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Birds in the Ancient World: Winged Words

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 480
Author Jeremy Mynott
Publisher OUP Oxford
Isbn-10 0198713657
Isbn-13 9780198713654
Dimension 23.62*2.79*16.0

Birds in the Ancient World: Winged Words

Jeremy Mynott's Birds in the Ancient World: Winged Words

Birds pervaded the Ancient world, impressing their physical presence on the daily experience and imaginations of ordinary People and figuring prominently in Literature and art. They provided a fertile source of symbols and stories in myths and Folklore and were central to the Ancient rituals of augury and divination.

Jeremy Mynott's Birds in the Ancient World illustrates the many different roles birds played in culture: as indicators of time, Weather and the seasons; as a resource for hunting, eating, Medicine and farming; as domestic Pets and entertainments; and as omens and intermediaries between the gods and humankind.

We learn how birds were perceived - through Quotations from well over a hundred classical Greek and Roman authors, all of them translated freshly into English, through nearly 100 illustrations from Ancient wall-paintings, pottery and mosaics, and through selections from early Scientific writings, and many anecdotes and descriptions from works of history, Geography and travel.

Jeremy Mynott acts as a stimulating guide to this rich and fascinating material, using birds as a prism through which to explore both the similarities and the often surprising differences between Ancient conceptions of the natural World and our own. His book is an original contribution to the flourishing Interest in the cultural History of birds and to our understanding of the Ancient cultures in which birds played such a prominent part.
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