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Ashwatthama ka Abhishap (HINDI)

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Binding Paperback
Language Hindi
Number Of Pages 316
Author M. I. Rajasve
Publisher Fingerprint! Publishing
Isbn-10 9389432669
Isbn-13 9789389432664

Ashwatthama ka Abhishap (HINDI)

M. I. Rajasve's Ashwatthama ka Abhishap (HINDI)

Ashwatthama ka abhishap is a legendary tale of those Puranic characters who have accepted boon and curse alike in order to establish truth, virtue, and injustice in the whole universe. Cursed by Lord Krishna in the Dvapara yuga, ashwatthama became an immortal. In the Kali yuga, he became the leader of the immortal saviour of the universe, namely lankapati Vibhishana, asuraraj Bali, rambhakt Hanuman, Acharya Kripa, Maharishi Vyasa and Lord parashurama. 'The curse of ashwatthama' Is his attempt to save the Earth from destruction. A fictional account of his immortal life and the mysteries surrounding it, ashwatthama ka abhishap is intriguing and thrilling.

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