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Affordable Housing: Inclusive Cities

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 212
Author Vinayak Bharnes
Publisher ORO Applied Research + Design
Isbn-10 1941806198
Isbn-13 9781941806197
Dimension 19.69*1.27*24.13

Affordable Housing: Inclusive Cities

Vinayak Bharnes's Affordable Housing: Inclusive Cities

Offers a comprehensive survey of affordable housing across the world. Presents numerous case-studies and best-practices on affordable housing design. Presents clear and concise strategies on how to make cities more affordable and inclusive. Offers interviews and conversations with globally known figures in progressive architecture and city planning. How are efforts at making cities more inclusive and equitable playing out across nations and societies, with different governance structures and varying political circumstances? How is affordable housing bridging economic gaps across different social and cultural geographies? This collection of fifty essays and case studies engages in these important questions and explores a wide array of strategies and approaches, extracting their overlaps and contrasts. It features interviews with influential administrators and planners such as Somsook Boonyabancha (Thailand), and Jaime Lerner (Brazil). It showcases projects by globally known architects and urbanists such as MVRDV (The Netherlands), and Alejandro Aravena (Chile). And it offers discussions on uplifting the base of the economic pyramid through low-income and slum-upgradation projects in Mali, Venezuela, Bogota, Myanmar, and Pune. This volume is not only an invaluable resource for architects and planners interested in the design of affordable housing, but for anyone interested in the global multiplicity and complexity of urban affordability, liveability and social justice.

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