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Advanced C# Programming (Developer's Guide)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 580
Author Paul Kimmel
Publisher Osborne/McGraw-Hill
Isbn-10 0072224177
Isbn-13 9780072224177
Dimension 19.1*2.97*23.5

Advanced C# Programming (Developer's Guide)

Paul Kimmel's Advanced C# Programming (Developer's Guide)

Your Definitive Professional Resource Build solutions for the Microsoft .NET platform quickly and easily with C#--an efficient, object-oriented language. Advanced C# Programming thoroughly explains real-world solutions you can apply to a wide range of Business applications or to Programming problems. This book also reviews working code available on Microsoft's portal. Maximize the vast capabilities of C# in three key areas--Windows applications, Tools and component building, and Web programming--using the advanced development strategies presented in this Professional resource.Get an overview of core language foundations you will need to create applications Explore Windows Forms programming, multithreading, GDI+, and more in .NET Incorporate roles-based and code access Security Use attributes, exception handlers, event logging, and other proven Programming methods with ease Extend the Visual Studio .NET IDE using the new extensibility model Implement Web methods, Web services, and asynchronous Web Services Learn to use C# in ASP.NET code behind pages, and use cookies, page, and session caching Learn about ADO.NET, Reflection, and emitting IL by exploring the assembly viewer applications Significantly minimize the number of bugs that make it off your Work station

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