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A Classical Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 550
Author Munesh Trivedi Chandra
Publisher Khanna Book Publishing
Isbn-10 8190698893
Isbn-13 9788190698894
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A Classical Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Munesh Trivedi Chandra's A Classical Approach to Artificial Intelligence

About Book

There are many Books available in the market on the proposed topic but none of them can be termed as comprehensive. Besides, students Face many problems in understanding the language of this books. Keeping these points in mind, Artificial Intelligence was prepared, which should be simple enough to comprehend and comprehensive enough to encompass all the topics of different institutions and universities.

About Author

Prof. Munesh C. Trivedi has completed his graduation & post-graduation in CSE and Ph. D. degree in Computer Science. He started his teaching career in Engineering Education from IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida. India. He also served Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad and I.I.T Kanpur as a Project Associate. Presently he is working in Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, India since sept. 2007. He has rich experience in teaching the undergraduate and postgraduate classes. He has published 16 text Books and he has been declared Author of Year 2008 as per Books Today survey. He has published more than 25 journal and conference papers in Fractals, image processing, e-learning. He has been the member of board of studies of different Indian universities and member of organizing committee for various national and international seminars/workshops.

Table of Content

1: Overview of Artificial Intelligence
2: Problem Solving and Search
3: Search Methods
4: Problem Solving in Games (Adversarial Search)
5: Understanding Natural Languages
6: Knowledge Representation
7: Techniques of Knowledge Representation
8: Expert System
9: Pattern Recognition
10: Computer Vision
11: Computer Vision Representations
12: Common Sense
13: Programming Languages

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